HEA report: the pedagogy of the MOOC

Last autumn, Sian and I were commissioned by the  Higher Education Academy in the UK to write a report about MOOC pedagogy. The report has been published today, and is available to download.

The report details the UK MOOC landscape, and shares findings from interviews with MOOC teachers.

The three key concluding messages the report emphasises are:

  1. MOOCs are multiple: we can no longer define them either as a single ‘transformative’ entity or clearly position them in terms of the previously dominant cMOOC/xMOOC binary.
  2. MOOC pedagogy is not embedded in MOOC platform, but is negotiated and emergent, a sociomaterial and discipline-informed issue.
  3. The teacher persists in the MOOC: though reworked and disaggregated, the teaching function and teacherly professionalism remain central.