et4ol unconference in Las Vegas – teaching with emerging technologies

I’m heading to Las Vegas today for the Sloan-C Emerging Technologies for Online Learning conference. I’ve been invited to run an unconference workshop for making a manifesto, which will be great fun, and a fantastic opportunity to build on what we learned in developing our manifesto for teaching online. The unconference is happening on Friday afternoon, 12:30-3:30pm (EST). Along with the details on the conference site, there’s also a Google+ unconference page with the latest news. Conference participants are all invited to attend – virtually or face-to-face.

Once I get to Vegas, I’ll be spending my time meeting people and attending sessions, of course, but also chatting to people about teaching with emerging technologies, and what it means to be, or have, a teacher in these new contexts. If you’re at the conference, and have something to say about that, tweet me (@jar), message the unconference page (+et4ol unconference) or find me in person!

(ps – another post to follow soon, about the Coursera MOOC that my wonderful colleagues and I are developing – it’s emerging from a popular MSc in E-learning course that I’ve taught for the past three years. In the meantime, read more about the University of Edinburgh’s MOOCs.)