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Along with the other teachers on the E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC (#edcmooc), I’ll be blogging for the next five weeks at http://edcmoocteam.wordpress.com – our thoughts on the MOOC as it evolves, the first-time MOOC teacher’s perspective, and whatever else strikes us as relevant.

The MOOC has been gathering steam for the past couple of months, as participants began to meet, network and build support structures to make the most of their time on course. Now that the MOOC has launched, with 40,000 people enrolled, the way that these networks are starting to engage with the content we have developed is bound to be fascinating. I’m also very interested to see how these networks expand to welcome newer participants, and how those newer people experience that welcome.

One of my favourite participant-built environments so far: the EDCMOOC map – which has had to be locked for the time being because there were too many pins!

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  1. Jen–I was in your E-learning course–fantastic course–kudos to you and your associates. Question–what software did you use to do the hangout with the thumbnails of everyone at the bottom of the screen? Thanks again for a great course!

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