transcription/translation paper published

My paper about what we can learn from translation studies theory about qualitative research transcription has just been published in the open-access journal Forum: Qualitative Social Research – here is a link to it, and the reference:

Ross, J. (2010). Was that Infinity or Affinity? Applying Insights from Translation Studies to Qualitative Research Transcription. Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 11/2.

This is my first sole-authored full paper, so I’m very excited!

5 thoughts on “transcription/translation paper published”

  1. This looks to be a very interesting article, thank you Jen! It certainly addresses a neglected area of research. I look forward to reading it.

    Congratulations on your first solo paper.

  2. Hi Jen, great paper – being at different times on both sides of the transcription table – one the researcher – the other running a transcription service

    As you point out the transcription process is often neglected, left to the last minute, underfunded and poorly thought through. Yet, is often the record that is analysed and presented.

    It would be great to do some follow up work on how to reduce errors, and work with transcription services, as well as raise awareness of the issues involved.

    How to make good recordings – would be a great start – you wouldn’t believe how much research is conducted in star bucks – they would do well to start providing starbucks noise proof recording booths! Some interviews we get through, the interviewee is just sitting too far away from the microphone, too close to the microphone, or talk while others are talking.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Andrew – it’s good to hear this has some resonance from the ‘external transcriber’ perspective. I do think there’s work to be done on how researchers and transcribers work together, and more recognition needed of just how much importance the transcriber has.

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