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Paper about qualitative research transcription as translation

I wrote this paper to coincide with a seminar I gave at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) in February 2009. It looks at the process of transcription of qualitative research interviews as an act of translation. “Like any translation, transcription is an act of negotiation. Errors, interpretations and decisions made in […]

paper for AoIR conference – traces of self

Here is my PhD-related paper for the AoIR conference in Copenhagen in October. Abstract: This paper explores some conceptual issues emerging from my research into the question of how students and teachers negotiate issues of identity, authenticity, ownership, privacy and performativity in high-stakes online reflection in higher education. The traces produced by online reflection are […]

more about masks

 I have been exploring the mask as a metaphor for high-stakes reflection. Having begun with two categories of mask – disguise and performance – I have now identified six (overlapping) genres: Protection: Protective masks are worn while doing dangerous work (fighting or welding for example). Armour is an interesting sub-genre because it is both protective […]

high-stakes reflection (mirrors, maps and masks)

Preamble: ever since I started my part-time doctoral research just over a year ago I’ve known that I really want to blog about it eventually. Other researchers’ blogs (Chris Sessums, danah boyd, Lilia Efimova – to name a few I admire) have become really important to me not only in terms of their content but […]